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*Note: It will be a Zoom interview

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What You Will Get From This Opportunity:

The Potential of Rooms Sublet Management Industry

We will be revealing to you the Real Potential & Secrets of the Property Management industry, and Why you shouldn't miss the boat!

Partnership Opportunity

With the pace of our company & community growing, we are having more partnership with our students, coaches in many different kind of projects.

Learn & Earn Opportunity

With the pace of our company & our community growing, we are now looking to train and develop a few more coaches to serve the industry. You will be getting close mentorship & guidances from our director himself. Basically get you from Zero to Hero

*NOTE: This is NOT a Workshop...

This is NOT a workshop that gonna sell you a thousands dollar of courses... 

But it is An Opportunity to get 1-1 mentorship with our Master Coach

So there wouldn't be any selling involved, but an opportunity For you to apply to be our director's Apprentice.

So, Who is this for?

Basically anyone that is, 

  • Hungry for Success

  • Looking for a Change or a Career Change

  • Looking to Build A Passive Income

  • Passionate in coaching 

  • Looking to Surround Yourself with a group Successful Business Owners Network, Industry Experts (Remember? You are the Average 5 people around you!)

  • Looking to Achieve Financial Freedom in the Next 365 days

  • It is okay if you have no prior experiences in the industry.. 

    Our director is going to hand hold you in your road of success. 

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