When it comes to Generating Healthy Rental Profits, what wakes Property investors up in the middle of the night is Leaving Their Units Vacant....

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Date & Time: 25th Aug (Wed, 8.30PM - 10.30PM)

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How To Maximise Your Room Renting ROI And Enjoy A Positive Cashflow From Your Rental Income.
Location analysis- How you can ensure you are Not Wasting Time & Effort on the condo/property that are not having the Best Potential to do room rental. 
How you can use High tech gadgets to automate your property management processes to allow you to have more time for your family.
Getting Ready Renters lining up to beg you to take their money so that you will not have rooms left empty!

What if, These Little Skills Could Help You To,

  • Identify the kind of properties that are suitable for room renting.
  • ​Stop bleeding from your own property, and Start Profiting in no time.
  • ​Start increase your Rental yield & improve your ROI
  • Make the properties to "Work for you", instead of you working day and night just to cover the mortgage
  • ​Turn "bleeding property assets" into a Cash cow that can Consistently Generate Positive Cash flow for you and say good bye to the tight cash flow days
  • ​​Manage multiple properties systematically, without sucking up All your free time. 
  • ​Simply generate an additional source of income
Meet Your Coach,
Andrew Lee 
  • One of the Sublet King Asia (SKA) Sublet Business Master Coach 
  • Founder of Homax Coliving
  • Co-founded an Event Agency at the age of 23
  • HRDF Certified Corporate trainer, conducted hundreds of workshops for companies like Mercedes, Digi, Volvo, Fonterra, Sunway, TNB, etc
  • Professional Emcee turned Sublet Entrepreneur who has hosted over 300 shows nationwide
  • Growing from managing 0 to 100 rooms in just 12 months time in 2018
  • ​Managing 360 rooms now together with his wife.

This Workshop is For You If You Are,

  • Property Investor/Owner that is bleeding and suffering every month..
  • First Time Property Investor who don't know how to manage their property..
  • ​Property Investor/Owner that wants to learn how to increase your Rental yield in a proper way..
  • Property Investor/Owner That Looking for Technology to systemize & automate your Rental Collections Process..
  • Property Investor That Want To Identify Great Locations To Do Room Rentings..
  • Property Investor That Want To Renovate Your Units Effectively To Rent Out At Higher Price..
  • Property Agent That Want To Learn This Skill To Help Your Client To Rent Out Their Units..

Hear What Our Previous Students Say About Us 
After Learning this Proven-System

We even have student who grow from Zero to 200 rooms in a year! Look at what he has to say!

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Date & Time: 25th Aug (Wed), 8.30PM - 10.30PM


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